10 Super Tips and Tricks of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word one of the most popular word processors. However, most of us barely scratch the surface of its abilities.

Following are briefly described below:

1. Configure paste options:

Microsoft Word tries to be helpful when copied text is pasted into a document by automatically retaining the source formatting, while providing the option to change the text to match the formatting of the current document.


To avoid having to choose formatting options every time text is pasted, click the ‘Office’ button, followed by (Microsoft Word Options) then move to (Advanced). In the (Cut, copy and paste) heading, Microsoft Word Free Download Full Version you can use the first four (04) drop down menus to set a default setting for format pasting.

While configuring these options in Microsoft Word, un-tick the box labelled ‘Show Paste Options Buttons’ to prevent the formatting options pop-up from being displayed in the future.

2. Change Full-Justification Formatting:

When full justification is applied to a paragraph, Microsoft Word ensures that text is vertically aligned on the left and right of the page by adjusting the spacing between the words. There are occasions when it may lead to a lot of visible white space.

This justification style that is utilized in Word Perfect, the spacing between individual letters on each line is adjusted to allow for better-looking text when it spans from margin to margin.


To activate this option, click the ‘Office’ button, followed by (Microsoft Word Options), then click the (Advanced) link on the left side. Now scroll to bottom of the advanced options and expand the [Layout Options] entry. Now you just need to add check in box named [Do Full Justification], then click [OK].

3. Use a Hanging Indent:

One of the less frequently used means of formatting paragraphs is the hanging indent. This is where first line is not indented but all are of the rest.


Select paragraph you had like to format, move to the Home tab and double-click the arrow icon in the lower right-hand corner of the ‘Paragraph’ pane.

On the Indents and Spacing tab, use the ‘Special’ drop down menu in the middle of the dialog to select the ‘Hanging’ option and then indicate the indentation level. To apply indent setting, click [OK].

4. Show and Hide the Ribbon:

For many people, the ribbon interface used in Office 2007 is a great step forward. If you fall into the latter category you’ll become happy to know that the ribbon can be temporarily hidden to provide you with a larger working area and clear away the clutter.

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