How Do I Teach My Dog to Come?

• Start indoors. When you are first teaching your dog a new command, it is important to start in a quiet environment away from distractions.

• Teach your dog to give you his attention. If you are just starting to train your dog, you may need to wave a treat or call his name to get him to give you his attention. Once your dog responds to your voice, you can begin to train him to respond to commands.

• Choose the right reward. To get your dog to repeat the behavior once he responds appropriately, you need to encourage him with a reward. Small treats work best for the first few repetitions of a new trick; then you may want to move on to physical rewards, such as playtime or a belly rub.

• Incorporate praise. How to teach dog to roll over Praising your dog is another important aspect of training. Your dog naturally seeks your approval, and if you make it obvious that a certain behavior pleases you, your dog is more likely to repeat it.

• Stand across the room from your dog. To begin teaching the come command, have someone gently hold your dog’s leash as you stand across the room from them.

• Choose a hand signal. Many people choose to incorporate the use of hand signals in training their dogs. To use a hand signal, give the hand signal at the same time you give the verbal command.

• Give the verbal command. Choose a simple word or phrase, such as “come” or “come here,” while giving the accompanying hand signal. Do not confuse your dog and use the same command each time.

• Open your arms invitingly. While making eye contact with your dog, open your arms after giving the verbal command to encourage your dog to come to you.

• Praise and reward your dog. If your dog responds appropriately, immediately praise and reward him, so he connects the reward directly with the behavior.

• Repeat the training sequence. Repetition is the key to success in training your dog. Once your dog gets the hang of the basic sequence, he will start to automatically respond to the command.

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