How Shemales Differ Than Regular Women? Tips To Avoid Fake TS Escort Photos

You are getting familiar with the transsexual community and learning particularly about shemales. You have your reasons like a desire to fulfill steamy sexual fantasies or find a ladyboy more attractive. As you learn, you will come across terms like post-op TS women and wonder how they are different from regular females.

Shemales [post-op] vs. regular girls

  • Pussy – Post-surgery the pussy of the tranny is shallow in comparison. If guys have a good crotch area, they can ‘hit the bottom’. However, if the guy is endowed he needs to be cautious of not causing discomfort or pain.
  • Not wet – Even after the surgery, she gets a vagina it does not get naturally lubricated like regular women. Shemales need to use lots of lube.
  • Have stent in there for some time – Post-op, the TS is given a stent resembling a plastic dildo that needs to be kept inside their new vagina for some time. This device is necessary to keep the vagina wall from shrinking or collapsing, during the healing period. This is undesirable!
  • Forget double penetration – The result of gender reassignment vagina surgery is different as the angle it sits is different. When both holes get stuffed then a member in the butt will literally force the other to fall out from the pussy.
  • Surgery is risky – There is no cheap fix for undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Ensure to visit a reliable hospital, where you will even get mental counseling. Going cheap can get messy!

There are several things you need to learn about shemale escorts. However, there is nothing to be concerned about the difference with their genitals.

Guys look for Trans escorts more these days instead of female call girls. There is a constant rise in booking transsexual escorts as society is slowly moving towards being non-judgmental towards a relationship with the TS world. If you are planning to enjoy an intimate experience with a transsexual escort then you can visit online escort agencies.

How to avoid fake TS escort photos?

In Paris, LoveSita.com is preferable for booking gorgeous and feminine TS escorts. However, look through their profile, check reviews and even their assets. Besides just looking at their photos is not sufficient, you need to identify whether it is real or not.

There is news on the internet that the escort they booked online was different than the one that they personally met. It takes away the safety issue challenges, excitement, and clients’ money value. There are vulnerabilities, lies, and loopholes even in the escort business. Customers get cheated of their money.

To avoid getting scammed by fake photographs is to look for a reliable escort agency like LoveSita in Paris. Check previous customer’s testimonials and read discussions on TS escort’s forums. As for opinion regarding how to avoid scam TS escort photographs, you may get some helpful and constructive suggestions and tips.

The best thing is to cancel your appointment as soon as you see that the TS escort you meet is different than what you saw in the photographs. Never pay a donation in advance because you can turn into a scam victim.

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