How to Teach a Dog to Fetch – 3 Simple Steps

Teaching your dog any trick can be a painful task if you don’t know how to do it correctly. In this, I want to go over the basic concept of teaching your dog most any trick and then we’ll apply it to how to teach a dog to fetch.

The basic concept behind teaching dogs any trick is deception. Find a way to make them do the trick on accident and then reward them for it! A lot of tricks I’ve written about before involve head manipulation using treats, making the body do the desired action simply so the head can get to the treat. Fetch is different though.

Dog’s just want to please you. Making you happy and getting rewards are 2 of the very top things on their priority list. Copper kettle Knowing this basic concept, let’s use this to learn how to teach a dog to fetch.

Step1. It’s important to make sure your dog’s head is in the game. if you’re the only one who’s interested in the game of fetch, then what’s the point of trying to do any learning. It’s like trying to teach a sleeping child to read. Why waste the time?

Anyways, try waving the ball around a few feet away from your dogs face. You should get an immediate reaction of affirmation if your dog really wants to play with the ball.

Step2. Now, throw the ball, but not too far. Just far enough so your dog has to run a couple seconds then run to come back to you.

Step3. Finally, (here’s the important part) once your dog has the ball and turns around to look at you with the ball in it’s mouth, clap your hands lightly and run away! The dog’s natural instincts to run with you and catch up with you will be all you need to get your dog to bring the ball back to you.

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