How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails Without Them Clipping You

If you mention the topic of clipping your cat’s nails in the company of other people owned by cats, the responses are varied. Some shudder. Some howl. Some may hurl curses in your direction. It is one of the most touchy subjects in the cat care category. Easy to see why. Cats hate having their nails trimmed. And they are not shy about expressing their displeasure. The wounded among us can attest to that, I’m sure.

However, if the nails have grown too long, the deed must be done. Some cat people mark a certain day on the calender. Others, like me, pray they will just stop growing. Copper kettle A good rule of paw is this: When kitty’s nails catch in things like furniture, carpeting or flesh, it’s time!

If your cat can pull a scatter mat across the room or adjust the bedspread, you’re probably overdue. It will still be one of the most tricky procedures in cat care but we will tread softly.

Choosing nail clippers You can find several types of clippers for cat’s claws in the pet store. I had to experiment with 3 different products until I found a pair that made us both happy. Or as happy as a cat can be to have her nails trimmed. There are people who use human nail clippers but I don’t recommend those. Cat’s nails are different. All too often, human nail clippers shred the cat’s claws. Then nobody’s happy.

First, find a comfortable place to work. A table, on your lap, whatever your cat decides. For my feline, we sit in a big, comfy chair with her between my side and the arm of the chair. To me it’s for restriction. For Furby, it’s more for comfort.

1. Speak softly and reassuringly. Take hold of a paw. Expose the nail by pushing gently on the pad of the foot.

2. You will see a pink area partway down. This is the vein or quick. DO NOT CUT INTO THIS! It will bleed and possibly get infected. Meow! Then of course, there is the guilt you’ll feel for days over hurting your friend. The look in your cat’s eyes will finish you off.

Slide the clipper just down beyond the quick and using a smooth, strong motion…clip. 3. If the quick is hard to see or if the fur around the nail is white and you just can’t see what you’re doing, just cut the hook off. You’ll notice the hook, trust me.

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