Induction Tea Kettles – Buying Guide

Induction tea kettles operate differently as compared to traditional ones, such that it is important to learn how to choose the products you buy the get the best quality. To guarantee the best value for your money, make sure you read more details below to find out tips on buying.

Introduction to Induction Cooking

Cooking with induction stoves is a third method that works in a completely different manner than most cooking technologies today. Learning more about this cooking process will help you get a better understanding in choosing the products to buy.

Instead of generating heat, it is transferred merely into the cooking vessel, which is then used for cooking or heating. If you examine most induction tea kettles, you will find a coil that is indicated by red lines at the bottom. The electronics of the cooking vessel introduce power into the coil to create a high-frequency electromagnetic field, which is indicated by the orange lines. copper tea kettle This electromagnetic field is responsible for penetrating into the magnetic material of the induction tea kettle to create circulating electric current and gradually producing heat for cooking or preparing tea.

The electromagnetic field only affects the cooking vessel, which is why the heat generation stops as soon as you turn off the element that is introducing power into the vessel.


The material is the most basic consideration when you are buying induction tea kettles. Indeed, expert cooks espouse that there are different types of materials suited for different types or methods of cooking. There are numerous types of materials used for manufacturing induction tea kettles such as the following:

Enamel – This is often a coat over cast iron such that it is important to remove the water soon after boiling with this kettle such that you also prevent rusting. Be careful when handling induction tea kettles made of enamel since they easily chip.

Cast Iron – It is chosen mostly for its durability despite being thick and heavy. If you use this kettle too often, then it might easily rust over time. You must therefore dry it up immediately after use to avoid rusting.

Stainless Steel – Induction tea kettles made out of stainless steel are among the most common ones you’d find in the market today mainly due to the durability of this material. And yet, you can find ones that come with aesthetic beauty without the ability to tarnish the taste of the water you’d be using for preparing your tea.


Choosing the right size for induction tea kettles is based on personal preference. You can choose according to the size of your family. Naturally, if you have a large family who also happen to be tea lovers, then you need to get larger sized induction tea kettles. It is also a smart choice such that you can maximize the use of the induction stove space.

Heat Efficiency

The ability of your tea kettle to generate the right temperature and heat for boiling water for your tea is crucial to your enjoyment of this beverage. Hence, you need to choose the right material that offers excellent induction capability such that you will be able to enjoy your tea. This is something that must be emphasized when you are dealing with a delicate tea.

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