Parasites Cleanse Zapper – How Do You Know That You Have Parasites?

Are you curious about zappers? One of the examples is Dr. Clark’s parasite cleanse. You can buy the ingredients at a health food store. The ingredients are clove, wormwood, and black walnut (something like that).

Zapper is often used to kill parasites. The problems now are how do you know for sure you have parasites? Can you feel them? How did you feel after the first zapping? So those are questions that will be addressed on this article based on the experience of a friend of mine who have used zapper.

To answer about parasites, she actually has no idea if she has parasites, but she continues to be amazed. buy parasites zapper One night she went to a potluck dinner and she did not limit her eating.

The morning after, her blood sugar was lower than ever (she has diabetes). There are three explanations she can think of:

1. She had liver and pancreas parasites that have been killed
2. The zapping lowered the lyme/mycoplasma infection in her body, which in turn has lowered her blood sugar.
3. She had candida in her liver or pancreas and it has been zapped away

I do not really endorse parasite cleanses, but it seems they are simple and relatively inexpensive to treat, so I don’t see any reasons why you should not try it.

According to Dr. Hulda Clark’s info, all illness from arthritis to cancer is caused by parasites. She was having great success in curing “incurable cases” until the government shut her down.

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