Reality Shows in India

Most people will vouch for MTV Roadies to officially be the first Reality Show that was telecast on Indian Television. As a matter of fact it is the longest running reality show in Indian Television. But then 10 years back how many people did you have watching MTV roadies, and even if there were any it was a certain section of people termed as “GEN X” who watched it. Even today it caters only to an audience mostly of the age group 20-30, where as Indian Idol an out and out copy of the hugely successful American Idol catered to masses and classes alike. Infact it had the entire nation glued to the television screen when they saw participants from general household taking center stage. KBC helpline number This coupled with famous celebrities acting as judges added the flavor that was the need of the hour. Backstage happenings behind the screens were shown for the first time. Criticism, favors, arguments and awards were publicly viewed and helped the show garner high TRP’s and dominated other shows till the end of the season. The success ensured that the winners became household names and the show continued every season.

Soon after a list of shows on similar lines followed by different television channels but all failed to create the hype and success that the initial edition had. But the trend has continued. UK’s biggest reality show “Big Brother” had Shilpa Shetty an Indian Actress come out as a winner. No sooner the Indian Media produced a show related to theme in the same name “Big Boss”. The show featured some small time television actors and struggling aspirants all competing against each other for the prize. Currently reality shows are either based on talent searches that include singing and dancing contests, Comedy shows, game shows and in house shows. Prizes and rewards are discussed and issued publicly. These shows are publicized due to the drama and scene they create like controversial kisses, slaps, fights and kisses amongst participants. News Channel particularly highlights these incidents thereby boosting the shows TRP’S.

Due to the vast amount of Reality Shows that are being produced, Real television a channel from Miditech a media company run by Alva Brothers has come with the idea of having a television channel whose prime focus will be on reality shows in India. Real Television Network is providing Indian Viewers with the biggest reality game show, Saarkar Ki Duniya. The buzz and hype that the show generated prior to its release already had a strong viewership. Other shows have also generated curiosity. All in the entire channel is well packaged with promising shows that ensures non-stop entertainment.

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