The Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Cookware

Copper is used for a lot of high end cookware on the market. But most cookware made with copper has a cooking surface made of stainless steel, nickel, or tin. And while cookware made of copper is excellent for heat conductivity, there are some advantages and disadvantages.


Because copper is a malleable and ductile metal, it is used in a lot of high end cookware, which is why high end cookware manufacturers prefer it above other materials. And of course, the look of copper is distinct and very attractive, making copper cookware the popular choice of many households.

But cookware made from copper does have functionality purposes too. When compared to stainless steel, glass, and aluminum, copper cookware distributes heat much more effectively, sometimes ten times as much. And it does not take long to prepare food in copper copper kattle cookware than other types, reducing the amount of burn spots that are unfortunately seen on non copper cookware.

This kind of cookware made from copper is easier to clean and maintain. Although shiny copper looks amazing, there are plenty of people who prefer the aged look of scratched copper. Some models of copper high end cookware have a brushed look to them, which saves the user from the time it takes to polish.

As mentioned before, copper cookware is usually lined with a separate, different metal. By making cookware of copper in this fashion, the copper will not be able to react with the food and it can cook evenly.

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