This Excellent Marketing Strategy with Insulated Bags Would Boost Your Sales

Promotional products have a company’s brand name or logo imprinted on them and serves as an effective marketing strategy. Do you know that only 1 in 5 people throw away the promotional products they receive? This implies you have 4 potential customers indirectly promoting your brand. Statistics reveal that 8 in 10 people own 1 to 10 promotional items.

Importance of choosing the right promotional product:

The product must be functional and useful to the recipient so that they toss it away and use it on a regular basis. The more they use your products in public, the more your brand would get recognized. Trade shows, corporate events, races are popular places to give away freebies. You have to make sure the product is beneficial to the recipient for long-term use.

A versatile choice of promotional product is insulated bags. There are insulated lunch bags, insulated drink cooler bags, insulated grocery totes and eco-friendly lunch bags. These serve as an effective marketing tool. No matter how useful the product is, a sub-par quality or faulty promotional product leaves recipients with a negative view of your company.

It is crucial to put quality ahead of price. Purchase high quality custom insulated bags from ‘’. The website is the top choice for wholesale promotional products among business owners. It is easy to customize according to your business needs and they ensure prompt delivery.

Why choose insulated bags?

Functional and attractive: They are available in a number of colors and in attractive designs. You don’t have to worry about people tossing them away. They can be used by people of all ages. Bags can be reused for many purposes such as family outings, picnics, dinner at a friend’s place to carry food and beverages.

Guaranteed brand exposure: Isn’t this the purpose of marketing? Insulated bags last long and the recipients are likely to use it often. Everywhere a person carries your promotional product people are going to notice it.

Better brand visibility: With smaller items like pen, you can’t cram in much details of your business. The large surface area of bags makes it possible to add details of your company name, logo, and tagline to it and adjust the font so that your brand name is easily visible.

Budget friendly: They are available at affordable prices. The price ranges between $0.89 and $3.89.

Cool ways to make this marketing strategy more effective:

  • If you are hosting any corporate event, give the bags to every attendee after they are done registering
  • During races you can pack brown bag lunch in your company’s promotional product and give it to attendees
  • Fill the bag with goodies during festive occasions and give it to your clients
  • Send invites to your event along with a collapsible lunch cooler
  • When conducting any games in your event, you can give these products as gifts.
  • You can place a cold-water bottle in it and give it to runners after race

Every business uses promotional products for marketing. Incorporate these interesting ideas and establish your brand name firmly among your clients.

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